Discover how to create synergy between your teams to increase their productivity with Artopex office furniture.

Office Masters

Contemporary-design Conference and Executive seating with ”Body-Activated Motion” (BAM) – meaning these chairs respond to a user’s weight without cumbersome tension knobs.


Noki Lock

Noki (No key!), the electronic lock exclusive to Artopex, is a simple and efficient security system, available on all Artopex storage products. Create a personal code of 1 to 8 digits for more than 9000 possible combinations. 

70+ Furniture Manufacturers. Countless Product Solutions.

We can furnish an entire office, from the reception to the break room, and the workstation to the private office.


For anyone who spends most of their days working at a desk, the design of their workstations is a tremendous contributor to productivity, personal comfort, and overall work satisfaction. Our designers can help you create workstations that maximize productivity and comfort.

Office Seating

An office is not complete until there is seating. With each part of your office having different needs to accommodate, it’s important to choose the right task seating to make up for long hours of sitting, along with conference seating that means business and other options for designated rooms.




Architectural Walls 

Desks & Tables


Summit Administrative Services

Updating Office


New Office


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