Top 4 Office Ergonomic Solutions 1

Top 4 Office Ergonomic Solutions

What can I do to improve ergonomics in the office to avoid discomfort? With how much time our lives are spent working, anyone will start to wonder how their office habits affect their health. Especially for those of us that spend most of our time working at a desk,...

Make a Statement with your Conference Table

What does your conference table say? Enter, The Conference Table In every corporate conference room, there stands a conference table that, in its own special way, contributes to the shaping of each new, innovative idea. Oftentimes, their importance is overlooked and...

Conference Seating for Champions (Not Dummies)

What conference room seating should I choose? Choosing just “any” chair for your conference room is a simple task because, let’s face it, there are countless styles and selections to choose from. Additionally, with office chairs being in such high demand, you can find...

The Office Cubicle Redefined

There’s nothing more discouraging than sitting in a dull work space all day. Statistics prove that it is difficult to find inspiration and motivation in an unsightly, uncomfortable environment. Luckily, the office furniture industry has reached a whole new level of...

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